LL Pittenger Farm

LL Pittenger Farm: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Turkey – Pastured, naturally raised, locally produced. Hormones, antibiotics or steroids are never fed to their animals. All of the meats are minimally processed, available in individual cuts, USDA-inspected,  vacuum-packed and frozen for direct retail sales. Bulk purchases are also available. LL Pittenger Farm is in production year-round and there is a constant, fresh supply of meat available. Customers can shop at the farm  store which is open most days. Please call ahead to check our schedule. 917-992-6113 (c).

Facts about the LL Pittenger Farm meat products:

  1. All the meat we sell comes from animals we raise on our farm in Andover.
  2. We grow the majority of our own feed for our animals.
  3. We never ever feed our animals hormones, antibiotics or steroids.
  4. All of the meat is minimally processed. USDA inspected and vacuum packed.
  5. All of our smoked products are nitrite free.
  6. All of our products are gluten free.
  7. We never use any kind of fillers or additives. Only seasonings to enhance the flavor of our cooked products.